Friday, October 31, 2008

"Great" is great!

How many adults are fortunate enough to have a relationship with a grandparent? WOW, I am so blessed! My grandma, affectionately known as "GCL" (grandma crazy lady) since childhood has just turned 70 years old. She drives a red miata convertible, has an incredible fashion sense, a shoe and jewelry fetish, and is a real bargain shopper. Her weekly schedule includes the walking club, bowling, golf, and rook nights. But, besides all these things that make her so much fun to be around - she truly loves the Lord. In fact, it was her that took me to bible camp as a child and even lead me in praying to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior. Since that night, she has modeled for me and taught me how to mature as a Christian woman and make choices that are right for me and my family. I could just go on and on ... the point is that I love my grandma and cherish the time that I get to spend with her and the relationship that we share! As a child, I loved playing with my grandma and now my children enjoy spending time and playing (yes, really playing) with their "GREAT"!


Janet said...

Wow. Awesome tribute. I myself am also blessed to have my grandmother in my life. She is now 84 and having major health issues, well these past 3 years, but God has kept her in my life. She lives in Burlington and I try to see her as much as I can. Thanks for making this tribute to your grandmother, makes me want to call mine right now..but its late so morning will do.

Ali said...

Wow.....what an enormous blessing! My Grandma (she makes us call her Gran so she doesn't feel so old) is fashionable, and drives a convertible too, but unfortunatly is lost. I pray for her daily and can only hope HE will show her the way, the truth and the light. This is a wonderful post....I bet ol' GCL loved it!