Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a big boy!

Jones pee-peed in the potty!!! He has been "playing" with the idea for about a month now - He would go to the potty, lift the lid, pull down his pants and stand there. But, it was always too late - he had already gone in his diaper. But, tonight for the first time - he made it to the potty before he went in his diaper! You can imagine the joy on my face and the celebration that ensued afterwards! Yeah for Jones! One BIG step in the right direction ...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feeding Time at the Zoo

11:00 am - Check out our little Pilgrims and Indians enjoying a "feast" to conclude our Thanksgiving unit yesterday -

9:30 pm - Our little Matheson had a feast of a different kind - his first solid food! After letting him "taste" rice cereal a couple nights in a row, I decided that he was ready for a whole serving. So last night before bed, we braced up for the mess - and he loved it!

9:30 am - And then, like most of us, after a Thanksgiving feast, Matheson slept. I mean, he REALLY slept. He slept all through the night and into the morning. I kept going in his room to check on him, and finally at 9:30 am, this is what I found - a smiley, happy baby ...

... ready to eat again! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowy November Surprise!

At 7:00 this morning when Jaxon ran in my room proclaiming that it had snowed, I almost didn't believe him! Fortunately for Jaxon, atleast one of his parents (father dearest) gave him the benefit of the doubt and looked out the window! Would you believe it? Snow in November in North Carolina! Crazy Times! Needless to say, we were up putting on our gear and outside in no time! Jones wasn't quite sure what to think and spent most of his time on the sidewalk!

My little angel ...

Who was I kidding????

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After spending the better part of last week and this week learning about the election process and studying past presidents during "school time," Jaxon has decided that he wants to be the president when he grows up. This decision lead him to dress up in a shirt and tie, create a list of laws and parade around to different rooms of our house giving campaign speeches. And it even lead us to stand out front of the polling place this morning in the rain handing out literature! Actually, Jaxon handed out literature in the rain, I sat with the other boys in the car most of the time! I am so impressed with his interest and political involvement! Who knows he really might be president one day ...

That being said, if Jaxon were president, things would be a little different than the are now:

"Little brothers would not allowed to bother big brothers when they are doing puzzles."

"We'll just shoot the bad guys."

"It will NOT be okay to kill babies."

Wisdom from the mouth of babes - He's got my vote, how about yours?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

For reasons other than the candy, Halloween really rocked this year!

Jaxon, obviously, decided to ditch mom's cute family theme idea and go on his own, as a rock star! Rock on dude - The other two were a bit more tolerant of the "cuteness." Check out my monkey (shown here with Grammy the cat) and my banana! Everyone enjoyed the festivites trick or treating in the neighborhood, fall festival at church and Trunk or Treating at Grammy and Papa's church. I've never seen so much candy!!

Football Pics as promised...

Jaxon in his stance and ready to rush...

"Action Jaxon"

... and here's a look at what the rest of us were doing during the game...

Good Game ... Good Game