Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now ALL my boys have bumps on their heads!

Please don't call DSS on us but, ALL my boys currently have bumps on their heads! We all know Matheson's story but, what about the other boys? Well, The week started on Sunday night with Jones slipping on a seat cushion that was on the kitchen floor and falling into the corner of the kitchen cabinet! There was a huge knot on his forehead before we even got over to pick him up! This resulted in call #1 to the pediatricians office.
Treatment: lots of love, a ziploc bag of ice and a cookie.
Then Monday afternoon, Jaxon ran across the hardwood floors at a friends house with his socks on (after taking his shoes off at the front door like a good little boy) and flat out busted his lip big time! This resulted in call #2 to the pediatricians office. Since they won't put stitches in lips ...
Treatment: lots of love, tons of shout and lysol wipes (blood everywhere!), ice, a short visit to Jaxon Duke's house, cleaning with a mixture of peroxide and water, and a box of popsicles.
Then, during a wrestling match with daddy on Thursday night while I was at a meeting at church, Jaxon was running away from Matt who was throwing pillows at him and he ran into the door frame! BAM! Instant knot and gash on his little blonde head! This resulted in call #3 to the pediatrician's office.
Treatment: lots of love, ice, a visit to nurse Grammy, a visit to the ER, and 3-4 stitches. Too bad it was way too late and the ER was way too crowded to hang out with a sleepy 5 year old boy - therefore we opted to replace the "3-4 stitches" suggestion with some neosporin and a band-aid. Oh, and a krispy kreme donught.
And, if a zit counts ... Matt has a bump on his head too! :)


Anonymous said...

OK so if Matt has a zit...all the boys have matching out you must be next! Unless it's a male thing...which if I could answer would be yes it is!!! ~Jenn

jordana said...

i love you oh so much! this entry was so adorable...i could hear you saying every word. and praise the Lord for how he's working in your lives!! we absolutely MUST find a way to get together while i'm home for my oh so short visit...did i mention that i love you??